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Promotional items are a fun and effective way of getting your business on the map. If your business is still young, it can plant brand awareness while serving a purpose to the people in your community – a win-win situation if there ever was one. Let’s think about why they’re so useful, and how to get the most out of your company’s gifts and giveaways.

Promotional products are items and gifts given away free of charge to the consumers to promote a business or increase interest in, or sales of, a product. Promotional items are used by companies to promote their brand or convey a particular message to the wide group of people without spending a huge amount of money. Some of the most common and regularly used promotional items are imprinted t-shirts, caps, key rings, mugs, pens, umbrellas, bags, folders, highlighters, mouse mats, wallets, wall clocks, calculators, calendars, and much more.

According to the Promotional Products Association International, every year businesses spend close to 20 billion on this type of advertising. The most striking point is that it is more than one-third of what's spent on TV commercials. Moreover, a recently conducted survey by Promotional Products Association International revealed that promotional items have now become an indispensable part of the marketing mix. Gifting promotional items means you are enticing your customers to use your products and services. This is one of the best ways to maintain a positive presence within your client base.

Promotional items create business brand awareness and brand recognition within the professional community along with the general public. Any company launching a new product always use printed promotional items so that more and more people get aware of their product. When you are gifting promotional items to clients within your industry, make sure you choose a promotional item that relates to your field. For instance, if your new service or product will save time and effort, introduce it with a personalised clock or calendar. Introducing your new product or service with promotional items distributed free along with the product means you maintain and promote a strong industry awareness of your company.

Consider some of the following tips when it comes to promotional items.

1.) Brand products that will be used in everyday situations – This concept is easy to understand, because promotional products that worm their way into daily life will be seen by the maximum amount of potential customers. For example, a custom coffee mug can be used in both an office and private residence.

2.) Create a simple, attractive logo – Again, this might seem fairly obvious, but many companies spend a lot of money on complex images that soar over the heads of potential customers. Keep it simple and to the point – a promotional pen emblazoned with a phone number and address is more effective than an over-the-top logo on a random T-shirt.

3.) Quality over quantity – Customer loyalty should be your top priority, and meaningful gifts are always better appreciated than cheap, mass-produced items.

While selecting promotional items for generating leads, it is wise to choose a quality method on the imprinted business promotional items. In that case it is wise to stick to metal pens, quality conference folders, and corporate clothing. It has been seen that many companies tend to copy the product, design, and style of another. This is not the way to follow. Rather, be creative and emerge a leader. It's an open fact that people love pens, but the reality is everyone holds at least a dozen of promotional pens. It will be a wise step to gift a promotional clock or a printed calculator on their desk, with your name and address on it.

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